"At Pocket Knife Software, we measure our value in terms of how well we translate our clients visions into optimal business software."

Pocket Knife Software Overview

PKS decreases your valuable time spent on multiple web-based business platforms by bringing everything you need into one place. PKS drives your business priorities and expands customer loyalty through software that powers corporate websites, intranet portals, and social communities. PKS helps its customers provide a complete digital experience to their audiences through websites, social networks, event coordination, online retail, billing, plus much more. From concept to reality, we create everything you need to leverage the power of the Internet. Many times our clients come to us with little more than an idea of what they would like to accomplish. It’s through these collaborative dialogues that we can help guide them to the solution most suited to their needs and budgets. When the need arises we specialize in creating phased approaches that satisfy the core requirements of a project while creating a platform for future enhancements.

This flexibility extends to our business arrangements. From standard by-the-hour billing and lump-sum pricing, to our Angel Investing Program where you have a great business plan but can't afford to hire a programmer, we’ll find a way to fit your needs.


Company Profile

  • Headquartered in Austin, TX
  • Founded in 2005
  • President, founder, and lead programmer Richard Cockerham - B.S. in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University, 1996 with specialties in VLSI Design, Artificial Intelligence and English Literature

Our Vision   

At Pocket Knife Software, we measure our value in terms of how well we translate our clients visions into optimal business software. Our goal is to make it as easy for you as possible. Simplifying the complex is our specialty.

As a trusted strategic partner we learn your business, understand your goals and objectives, and — most importantly — help you to overcome challenges on an ongoing basis. Our proven, flexible approach gives us the ability to craft solutions and exploit opportunities that adjust to your evolving needs and expectations. Your ongoing business success is the driving force behind everything we do.


Our Customers   

PKS has a local and world-wide customer base including: Dyncorp International, Malta Marketing, Evergreen Club, MyGoodbye.com, Baby Acapulco Restaurant, and many more.


Our Product

The custom business management platform (Procyon 3.0 CCMS) is PKS’s flagship product. It is meticulously customized to suit specific needs and to deliver the all-in-one functionality our customers have been searching for.


Our Services  

PKS works with its customers to help plan web strategies, identify business objectives, and provide expertise for integrating Procyon into the enterprise IT infrastructure. PKS offers technical support to teach your personnel how to successfully use PKS’s products within your organization. We guarantee our solutions will work as expected and we provide complete ongoing support of our software. We ensure success with the system as it is created and success in efficiently modifying and/or updating as required. Unlike many software developers we will fix problems created by outside programmers modifying our code. Please visit our Services & Pricing page for more information.


Our Process

Whether creating a new application or modifying a legacy system, we design-engineer each solution to ensure flexibility and maximum budget optimization. Our engineering process typically includes giving clients an opportunity to test drive “beta” versions of any or all aspects of our solutions — a critical success factor that allows us to discover enhancement opportunities and ensure that we are meeting your expectations.


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