Why Pocket Knife Software?

Why choose Pocket Knife Software instead of a big name hosting company? Personalized service, customization for your needs, and offering so much more than simple hosting are only a few reasons. Learn more below.

The Differences:

Feature Leading Hosting Companies Pocket Knife Software
Hosting $5 - $200 per month depending on the plan.
24/7 URL Monitoring $200 - $400 per month depending on the plan. Included. Are you sure your website is available to your customers? We make sure it is.
Site Security Scanning $70 - $100 per month. Free. This is built in to our software and development process. Unfortunately hackers are always out there, security shouldn't be an "option" for an additional fee.
Domain Management You need to handle registration, hosting, databases, redirects, renewals, and other domain management tasks yourself.
We take care of everything for you.
Email One mailbox included with domain registration, self setup. Extra mailboxes or aliases cost extra. $5 - $50 per month
We setup mailboxes and aliases for you. We provide a management tool for more complex setups.
Website Software 3rd party software, self setup. No software built in. $99 per month. All our software is included in one simple monthly fee. Our software is an all-in-one solution that is fully integrated. Contact information, blogs, forum posts, survey answers, purchases, billing, email marketing, and more are all stored in one management system for your entire website.
Total Price $280 - $750 or more per month.
$99 per month.
24/7 Phone/Email Support Included. You get to contact a large call center somewhere in the world. As a small company we can't offer 24/7 service. However, when you do contact us you won't get a person that may or may not know how to fix your problem or answer your question. You get someone local that knows your name and knows your website. We provide individual attention and service unmatched by any big hosting company.
Content Management
Image Galleries
3rd party software, self setup. Each new item you want to add to your website takes time and expense for custom integration. All built in to our software so it looks like it belongs on your site the moment anything new is added. We just drag and drop it on a page in a few minutes. No installation, configuration... or lengthy development time.
Training to use the software No, you have to learn how to use and install any 3rd party software you want to add, one by one. Yes, one hour of individualized training is provided. Plus, full use of an issue tracker and email support. All of the software is on the same platform and works the same way with plenty of on-page help.
Custom Software Development Not available. In fact you are limited to using their environment that may or may not be compatible with your custom software.
$75 per hour for any custom software you need for your business. Our clients have a whole array of custom software that is fully integrated into the Procyon platform already. Extending our platform is many times cheaper than having a custom solution built from scratch.
SEO/Internet Marketing Not available. Getting your website found on Google is up to you. SEO firms generally charge thousands of dollars and have yearly contracts.
$35 per hour. No minimum, no contract. Spend as little or as much as you need on getting your website found for relevant keywords in Google search results. On-site optimization and continuous off-site backlink building will help your website gain ranking and not stay hidden for years.
Free Setup on Google Maps for Local Businesses No.
Lead programmer hit by bus/Disaster Recovery They will find a programmer with the required skills and train them to get them up to speed.
We will find a programmer with the required skills and train them to get them up to speed. It's the same process. Companies large or small do not hire multiple programmers to do one job.
Databases Up to 10 separate databases. Other companies have a different database for your contacts, blog, forum, shopping cart, etc. Only 1 database. The Procyon platform puts all that data in one place.
Bugs / Features
You can try to report bugs or request new features, but free 3rd party software is rarely supported or updated. The hosting company has no responsibility for it. If you find a bug, we will fix it. If there's a new feature you'd like to see, let us know about it. We employ a dedicated issue tracker to allow you to report issues, ask questions, manage changes, and stay on top of any ongoing projects related to your website.
Ongoing Content Management & Updates You'll need to be able to handle these yourself, pay a website design firm ($50-$150/hour), or hire an employee with experience in HTML and the 3rd party software you use.
We prepare you to take care of everything from an easy to use all-in-one platform. We're also available for content management assistance at a low rate of $35/hour.
Full Service Not available.
One size may not fit all. If you need advanced development, ongoing management, and even more services, please contact us about a customized service plan.

Features we have in common:

  • Hosting on a cluster of servers with fail-over and load-balancing
  • Nightly Backup
  • Contract length 1 month, no long term commitment
  • Discounts available for longer terms
  • Protection from malware vulnerabilities
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Unlimited external domains and sub-domains
  • Secure SSL Access
  • File Manager
  • Website Statistics
  • Hosted in a World Class Data Center
  • Access to all of your data any time you want
  • No Hidden Fees

For more information, please visit our Services & Pricing page, or Contact Us.

Other Costs

There are other costs involved with creating a website that you will encounter no matter what hosting service you use. These charges don't come from us, but we want to make sure you are aware of all the costs involved.

You must purchase your domain name. This costs between $15 and $40 per year dependning on who you buy it from.

Designing your website can be free or can cost thousands of dollars. Most templates cost around $60, but there are free templates on the web that you can use. A fully custom design can cost thousands. With Procyon we have the ability to take a template and alter it in many ways. A template is usually a fixed layout, but with Procyon we give you the ability to have a semi-custom design for the price of a template.

An SSL Certificate is needed if you are taking credit card information or any other sensitive personal information from your customers. They are $8 - $400 per year depending on where you buy it.