Services & Pricing

Pocket Knife Software delivers customized services to fit the needs of any business.

Your website is the first impression of your business for many potential clients or customers. Visitors to your site may expect product updates, news, current employee and contact information, event schedules, and other vital details they need to find you and ultimately decide to choose your services.

Pocket Knife Software provides top of the line website maintenance, hosting, content management, and advanced development to ensure your site runs smoothly and effectively at all times.

See how we compare to the leading hosting companies: Why Pocket Knife Software?

We take care of everything for you. Relax, sit back, and let us manage your business website to improve its performance, and keep it current. The tools you need can be added or removed at any time, and everything is seamlessly integrated within your site automatically. Your existing website is loaded onto the Procyon 3.0 platform with absolutely no downtime or noticeable difference to your visitors, but behind the scenes you'll have advanced functionality and powerful reporting tools to help manage your website. No more long delays due to inefficient website design and content management.

What we can do for you:

  • Manage your existing website to keep it current and make sure it's at peak performance
  • Add tools or other functionality to your site
  • Help you plan and develop a new website
  • Provide the platform with tools to let you manage and expand the site at your own pace
  • Consulting and custom software development expertise

We work with you to provide the individualized attention you need to turn your ideas into reality. There are no contracts, and you can discontinue service at any time. We'll even help you migrate your website to the next provider. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed every step of the way.


Peace of Mind

  • 24/7 onsite monitoring of hardware
  • Error reports are emailed to the technical staff
  • Websites loaded for you
  • Technical support & training
  • Optional content management service


Manage Your World

  • Content management
  • Email list and contact management
  • Get feedback from your customers or employees with surveys
  • Events & calendar coordination
  • Customized services, billing, email marketing, and any tool you need


The Starter Service lets you get your website up and running fast, and caters to our clients with the time and resources to manage their own content additions and website changes once we've taken care of the initial setup. We are available for content management assistance if requested. A few features:

  • The power of an entire team of developers, programmers, and web professionals without the expense of hiring a full-time staff
  • Access to our advanced website Software and Tools
  • Website hosting and server administration
  • 1 hour of training designed to get you up and running fast, and answer any questions you have about the Procyon platform
  • Full technical support through a dedicated Issue Tracker
  • Free setup on Google maps for local businesses
  • We are available for content management assistance at $35/hr.
  • If you are in need of custom software we charge $75/hr.

$99 / Month

Get Started Now

For full service website management, custom development, or design services, please Contact Us for a consultation and quote.

Other Costs

If you choose a custom design it will require a few hours (2-5) to setup the site on the platform.  We can load almost any custom HTML design onto the Procyon platform.  As you go shopping for designs we will help you choose a well coded design.

There are other costs involved with creating a website that you will encounter no matter what hosting service you use. These charges don't come from us, but we want to make sure you are aware of all the costs involved.

You must purchase your domain name. This costs between $10 and $40 per year dependning on who you buy it from.

Designing your website can be free or can cost thousands of dollars. Most templates cost around $60, but there are free templates on the web that you can use. A fully custom design can cost thousands. With Procyon we have the ability to take a template and alter it in many ways. A template is usually a fixed layout, but with Procyon we give you the ability to have a semi-custom design for the price of a template. You may also want to purchase professional artwork or photography which is about $5-50 per image.

An SSL Certificate is needed if you are taking credit card information or any other sensitive personal information from your customers. They are $9-400 per year depending on where you buy it.

The Fine Print

The starter pricing is designed for 95% of websites.  Once you are successful enough to have more than 100 visitors average per day, or more than 1000 contacts, or are emailing more than 100 contacts, we switch your account to a custom account.  Please call us for pricing.

Click Here to Email, or call for a consultation at 1-800-671-3209