Our customers share their experiences with Pocket Knife Software, and its founder and lead programmer, Rick Cockerham.

For over 8 years Rick and Pocket Knife Software have been an invaluable, consistently reliable resource for us here at Oak Sanderson. In our never ending quest to better leverage the Internet in support of our clients' varied - and ever-evolving - marketing needs, Pocket Knife has not only delivered first-rate solutions in record time, they have helped immensely in the pre-program conceptual process. Many times, we have a rough idea of what we want to accomplish and little time to deliver. Usually, one session with Rick and our internal programming and marketing team is enough to formulate a custom solution that fully supports our program objectives. And best of all, he understands the budgetary issues as well as the short and long-term goals associated with each initiative, and always crafts solutions that can scale as needed when the need arises and/or additional budget is available. Friendly and plain-spoken, he is always professional and easy to work with. We truly see Pocket Knife as an integral part of our team and a valued partner in our continuing success.

Ken Trobaugh
CEO, Oak Sanderson

Where does the computer illiterate go when she has a great idea but no skills to produce the desired results? In a time when there are myriads of companies promising to build an effective site to meet your needs Pocket Knife did more than promise, they actually delivered. Because our site requires functionality for a variety of users, we were a project that evolved during the build out. Rick has been fair, honest and a pleasure to deal with. He has gone beyond the distance in his efforts to see our project succeed. Thank you Pocket Knife Software, for helping my dream become a reality.


Shirley Walker
President, MyGoodbye.com


It is my pleasure to recommend Pocket Knife Software to you. For the past five years, Rick has been our programmer and system administrator. He has done an excellent job developing and maintaining our web site. His technical abilities are superb, as are his communication skills.

It is extremely important to me to know that our website functions properly; it is the lifeblood of our business. When I give Rick a task to complete, I don't have to think about it again. I know it will be done right and on time which brings great peace of mind.

Gibran Nicholas
Chairman, CMPS Institute

Rick with Pocket Knife Software has been an amazing asset and I'm so grateful to have him as part of our virtual team. He is extremely knowledgeable about servers, databases, programming and a multitude of other things that you wouldn't expect a programmer to know! He has taken on the responsibility of managing our dedicated server and gone above and beyond the call of duty. He has optimized the server to be fully customized for our needs and our clients' needs and whenever there is any issue, he won't stop until he finds a solution. Pocket Knife Software has also developed many web applications for us that have received a wonderful response, both from us and from our clients. Rick is very pleasant to work with and never gives resistance, but only gives solutions. His responses to my emails are always so quick and thorough. I completely trust Rick to not only do exactly what is requested, but also to do it to the highest quality and in the most cost-efficient way. Rick and Pocket Knife Software are an invaluable part of our online daily operations and overall web-based project flow and we are so glad that he is part of our team.

Heather Lucy
Account Executive, MDS Advertising

I have worked with Rick from Pocket Knife Software for over 10 years and he is hands down the best programmer I have ever had the privilege to have as a part of my team. When it comes to web application programming, there is nothing Rick can not achieve and he never says "that can not be done", which is an intrinsic part of me providing my clients with what they need and want. He uses the latest technologies to provide the most dynamic and streamlined web applications available today. He is and will always be my "go to" person for complicated jobs that most programmers run away form. Rick is also one of the nicest and most honest people you will ever do business with - and has a huge heart, even for a logical minded person. You simply can not go wrong with Rick on your team!

Suzette Ballew
CEO & Interactive Director, Suzette Ballew Designs

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